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If you’ve visited our hospital or interacted with staff as a patient, take a moment to complete our survey and share your experiences with us. All information submitted is treated confidentially.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital prides itself with providing you with a great patient experience. This commitment is reflected in our vision statement.

The Risk Management Programme commenced at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on July 15, 2005 through the formation of the Risk Management Committee and the Clinical Risk Management Unit was launched in July 2006, one year after the committee’s formation.

Feedback plays a tremendous role in ensuring that we continue to get better together. Your feedback enables us to continue to develop and improve the services and care that we provide. Here are the ways ways you can provide feedback:

Giving A Compliment

Did you have a great experience with us? We would love to hear about it. We’ll use the details you share to recognize the employee/s, units, and departments you believe deserves this praise. Provide positive feedback by contacting the Clinical Risk Management Unit or speaking with a member of the department directly or use our contact us form

Sharing a Comment or Raising a Concern

We want to resolve any issues that you may be experiencing by talking to the correct person(s) at the earliest possible time. Therefore, if you are concerned with the care that you or a loved one is receiving or has received then please let us know. If there is something that can be done immediately, we will do so right away.

Making A Complaint

If you are dissatisfied with the health care service provided by us, you should in the first, consider speaking with staff or senior management on the units. However, if you are uncomfortable with this or the relevant staff was unable to address your concerns, you can lodge your complaint with CRMU via following options:

  • By Phone : Call us at 436 6450 Ext 5234 /5247/5248 (Mon-Fri, 9.00 A.M.- 4.30 P.M.)
  • By Email to :
  • By Letter : Write a letter and address it to:
    The Clinical Risk Management Unit
    The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
    Martindale’s Road St. Michael
  • In Person : Visit the CRMU on the ground floor of the QEH
  • Online : Use our Contact Us form

Please note that all comments, concerns and complaints received will be treated sensitively and with the strictest confidence. You can be assured that raising a concern or making a complaint, will NOT affect the quality of care or your treatment.

Additional Resources

QEH Procedure for Providing Feedback or Making Complaints
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QEH Patient Complaint Form
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