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Update on Mass Casualty Incident – October 17th, 2023

The following is an update on the mass casualty incident which occurred today:
  • Two transport board buses were involved in a collision around 9 A.M. at Lower Carlton, St. James.
  • Sixty-one (61) casualties were seen by the Head of EAS, Dr. David Byer and his team in the field, of which nineteen (19) patients were sent to the QEH by ambulance.
  • Twenty-seven (27) casualties were seen on site, treated and discharged, and eight (8) were referred from the scene to the polyclinics.
  • Seven (7) casualties sought private medical attention. None of the injuries seen are considered life-threatening.
Please note that visiting has been suspended in AED due to the Mass Casualty status. Relatives of the injured may gather outside. The environment is controlled. As always, our Help Desk (Patient Advice Liason Service) is available to answer your medical queries by phone or WhatsApp calls at 536-4800.
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