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Are doctors involved?

All Emergency Ambulance Service personnel function in conjunction with the trained emergency physicians in the Accident and Emergency Department. The EMTs/Paramedics are always in radio contact with these physicians should they require advice and direction.

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Tell me about the ambulances?

Each ambulance is staffed by two crew members and is equipped to carry one ill patient who can lie comfortably on the stretcher. On the trip to the hospital, one of the crew will sit in the back to ensure…

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Tell me about the ambulance crew?

All ambulance crews usually consist of two people who are either Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), trained in Assessment, Stabilization and Resuscitation Techniques or Paramedics who are trained in Advanced Resuscitative and Pre-hospital Techniques along with administering life-saving drugs. Both EMTs…

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How are minors handled?

Minors are defined as those individuals who are less than eighteen (18) years of age. All these patients need to be accompanied by an adult older than eighteen (18) years for them to be transported. In extreme emergencies, where delays…

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How are ambulances dispatched?

Calls are prioritized according to seriousness. We assure you that an ambulance will be en route to you as soon as possible. In fact, an ambulance may be en route before the telephone call is concluded. However, before the ambulance…

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What happens when I call?

When you call a dispatcher will ask a series of questions about the patient. These questions will help us to gather information for expediting care upon arrival and include: The patient’s illness/injury/complaint How many people require our services The patient’s…

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