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Statement on Shortage of Reagents

“The hospital did experience a brief shortage of testing reagents for Hepatitis B, Syphilis and a depleted supply of testing reagents for Hepatitis C which limited our ability to screen donated blood products. However, this shortage has been addressed and we are expecting a shipment of the necessary reagents to be delivered to the QEH tomorrow (Friday, April 1). The Laboratory Department has also been placed on standby and on receipt of the reagents will resume the testing of blood products.

While this shortage has affected those awaiting elective surgery and blood transfusions, sufficient supplies of previously screened units of blood were reserved for urgent use and emergency surgeries. We regret the disruption this brief shortage has caused and the impact it has had on those awaiting elective transfusions and surgeries. However, we are actively developing a plan to reschedule those affected.”

Dr. Clyde Cave
Director of Medical Service
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

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