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Staff Spotlight: Stacey Crawford-Holder
Stacey Crawford-Holder

A proud single mother of two kids, Stacey Crawford-Holder, has been a member of the QEH family for over ten years.
A Telephone Operator/Receptionist in the Communications Department, Stacey embraces and practices patience as she goes about her daily duties which include manning the QEH PBX; directing calls as they come in; and interacting with persons
from all walks of life, which is the favourite part of her job.

Priding herself on her commitment to serving others, Stacey contends that her proudest moments at the QEH revolve around “knowing you have done your best to successfully assist the person on the other end of the line.”

Stacey advises others to stay focused and keep a positive mind-set, affirming, “You can do all things through Christ.”

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