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Staff Spotlight : Liviston Thomas

Liviston Thomas

Caring for others in their time of ill-health is a trait common among the staff here at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital; and in addition to our doctors and nurses, there are a number of other persons who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure you and your
loved ones get the best care possible. One such individual is Orderly extraordinaire, Liviston Thomas.

Liviston, an Orderly in the Cardiac Unit can often be found going above and beyond the call of duty to assist patients, and visitors alike. A QEH employee for 14 and a half years, he admits that although he enjoys working in the Cardiac Unit, he loves working in the dynamic environment of the Accident and Emergency Department more.

In his spare time, Liviston can be found on Ward C2 enjoying a serving of chicken chowmien for lunch. When asked about his goals, Liviston confessed that he has always desired to own his own home, and is ecstatic, and thankful that he has been  able to realise this dream. Also on Liviston’s bucket list is a trip to the “Land of Maple Syrup” i.e. Canada, a country he hopes to visit in the near future.

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