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Staff Spotlight – Anderlene Sealy

Small in stature but big in heart, our Staff Spolight Anderlene Sealy is the life-blood of the National Blood Collecting Centre.
Anderlene, a thirty-seven year veteran of the QEH and the Senior Blood Collecting Technician works tirelessly to manage the blood donation process. Often meeting and greeting each person who visits the Centre with a warm, welcoming smile and effortlessly putting them at ease as they complete the registration process and make their voluntary blood donation. With a comforting yet firm manner, Anderlene encourages persons to become regular, volunteer blood donors and reminds them that their donation of a single unit of blood could save three lives.
Anderlene’s favourite part about working at the QEH is helping others and seeing them smile; and although Anderlene’s love for her job is evident, if she wasn’t a Blood Collecting Technician she truly believes she would have been a #teacher. Reminiscing that her proudest moment was the culmination of her stint at Nursing School where she was selected as the class valedictorian.
Self-described as honest, kind and out-spoken, Anderlene’s favourite restaurant is Just Grillin’ Restaurant but she is adamant that nothing beats a baked potato and a well-done lamb chop.
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