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Our Medication Delivery service is available to provide out-patients with a one-month supply of medications as prescribed. If your out-patient appointment has been deferred due to the current public health emergency, your prescription will be prepared by the clinic physician and sent directly to the Pharmacy Department for processing.

To place your order for repeat medications

  1. Complete the online form below or, call the Pharmacy Department at 536-4804 from Monday to Friday between 9:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. to place your order :
    When making your request, provide the following information :

    • The patient’s name
    • The patient’s Barbados National Registration Number and QEH Hospital Number
    • Preferred delivery address
    • Two (2) current contact numbers
    • Name of medication(s)

    Out-patients are also reminded that medication delivery requests, must be placed at least three to five business days prior to the start date of the repeat medication.

  2. Order Delivery and Confirmation : Your order will be delivered to the address provided.  On delivery you, (or those accepting on your behalf) must present your Barbados National Registration Card for verification and sign upon receipt of the package. You are advised to thoroughly examine the tamper proof envelope to ensure it is intact. In the event that the envelope is not sealed, please do not accept delivery of the package. Patients must also verify that they have received the correct medication and should not take any unfamiliar medication or dosages. Any concerns are to be immediately reported to the Pharmacy Department at 536-4804 or by completing our feedback form.  Any concerns will be resolved within two business days.

Have questions about the service or your order?

If you have questions about the service or an order that you placed, click here to contact the Medication Delivery Service.

General Medication Request Form

Medication Delivery Request

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Pharmacy Department is pleased to offer a medication delivery service for repeat medications to a local address of your choice. To place your order, complete the form below.


- If you are requesting refills for more than one person, they must be submitted separately. We will not fulfill prescriptions for additional persons included on a delivery request.
- To ensure timely delivery, please individually list each medication to be delivered, one(1) item per line in the space provided.

Enter your 10-digit telephone number e.g. 246 555 1234
Enter your alternate 10-digit telephone number if available

Delivery Options

Payment of Delivery Fee : A delivery fee of $10 or $16 based on the size of the tamper proof packaging to be used applies. We will call you to confirm your delivery option and advise you of the delivery fee.

  • If you've selected the Barbados Postal Service, use the reference number provided to make payment either :
    • as a cash payment at your nearest post office branch in advance of delivery, OR
    • by debit card only on delivery by the courier.
  • If you have selected Hopscotch, payment must be made in cash to the Hopscotch agent on delivery.
Please select your preferred delivery provider. *
For example, enter the address as it appears on your utility bill. Do not add directions to your address.
On what day? *

List the medications you need

I would like to receive alerts and announcements from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Important : To ensure timely delivery of your medication, please review the details entered before submitting your request.

SILS Medication Request Form

SILS Renal Care Medication Delivery Request Form

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Pharmacy is pleased to facilitate the processing and delivery of repeat medications for patients currently receiving dialysis services at your facility. Kindly complete the following form to initiate this process.

Enter your 10-digit telephone number e.g. 246 555 1234
Enter your alternate 10-digit telephone number if available e.g. 246 555 1234
Please select the name of the dialysis facility to which the medication is to be delivered? *

List the medications you need delivered

Please individually list each medication to be delivered in this space, one(1) item per line.

Questions or concerns? Contact Us

Medication Delivery - Feedback

If you recently used our delivery service and need to speak to a pharmacist regarding the medications received, please fill out the form below. You will be contacted by a member of the Pharmacy Department on the next business day.

Maximum file size: 2MB

Enter your 10-digit telephone number e.g. 246 555 5555
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