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Revised Treatment Protocol for Asthmatics Visiting The Accident And Emergency Department

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital wishes to remind the general public that due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, there have been some changes to the treatment protocol for patients experiencing asthma attacks who present to the hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department (AED).

In accordance with current international guidelines, asthmatic patients presenting to the AED with mild to moderate asthmatic attacks will be treated with bronchodilators via a metered dose inhaler (MDI) and the use of a spacer. This treatment protocol is as effective as the use of the nebulizer when treating mild to moderate asthmatic attacks. The objective is to avoid the creation of liquid droplets produced during the nebulization process which can potentially spread COVID-19 or any other virus to nearby patients and healthcare workers. However, patients who are experiencing severe asthma attacks will continue to be nebulized.

Patients are further reminded to bring their personal inhalers and spacers when visiting the AED; and all asthmatics are strongly advised to continue the use of their prescribed maintenance medication as directed by their physician as doing so can prevent an asthma attack.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital thanks you for your continued understanding as we continue to strive towards “Getting Better Together”.

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