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Response To Waiting Time Concerns In Accident and Emergency Department
Consultant and Head of AED, Dr. Anne-Marie Cruickshank

The team at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital recently appeared on CBC TV8’s current affairs programme ‘The People’s Business’, where one of the main topics addressed related to concerns about patient waiting time in the Accident and Emergency Department. Consultant and Head of AED, Dr. Anne-Marie Cruickshank responded to a caller who alleged that two patients came to the department for treatment and were not seen by a doctor after being there for two days.

While explaining that the process of treatment can take time, Dr. Cruickshank categorically states this is not the case. She explains there is a process for assessing, admitting and treating patients which takes time. Also in making a diagnosis, our medical team will take every precaution allowing us to make the right call to ensure the health and safety of the patients we serve. We at the hospital however remain very concerned about those elderly patients who are abandoned in AED, ready for discharge and are occupying bed space at the QEH. This also adds to the wait time in the emergency department. We are urging the public to work with us in this regard and collect your elderly relatives when contacted by our team. We thank you for your understanding as we aim to improve our services at the hospital.

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