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Reminder: Out-Patient Clinics Return to QEH

The Board of Management of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) wishes to remind the public that its Haematology, Neurosurgery, Diabetes and Psychiatry Out-Patient Clinics have returned to the Main Out-Patients’ Block on the QEH compound. As such, patients attending these out-patient clinics are directed to visit the QEH on Martindale’s Road for future out-patient clinic visits. Conversely, the hospitals’ Antenatal Out-Patients Clinic continues to operate from the hospital’s Belleville Annex located on 6th Avenue Belleville, St. Michael.

To ensure safety and reduce crowding in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and at our Belleville Annex, out-patients are reminded that they should present to clinic no earlier than 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment time.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Board of Management thanks you for your support, and looks forward to your continued cooperation as we strive towards “Getting Better Together”.

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