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QEH Transformation Project To Get Underway

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) wishes to inform the public that the renovation and expansion of the Accident and Emergency Department (AED) will commence on Monday, March 9, 2020 with preparatory work.

This project entails three phases and will be executed over the course of fourteen (14) months.

  • Phase One, which is estimated to take three (3) months, will entail enclosing the project site as well as the construction of an access road, sewerage, drainage and car park works.
  • Phase Two of the project, which is estimated to take eight (8) months, will consist of the construction of a new 9000 square feet single-storey reinforced concrete building to the north of the existing AED. The new building will feature a three (3) vehicle ambulance bay on the building’s eastern side; and to facilitate future development of the space, provision will be made to extend upward to another three storeys.
  • The final phase of the project, Phase Three, entails the reconfiguration and renovation of the present AED to better align with the current and projected needs of the department. Estimated to take five (5) months, phase three will include the installation of new partitions, ceilings, floor finishes, lights and air conditioning systems. This phase will conclude by joining the renovated space with the new AED Building to create an 18,000 square feet AED Facility.

During the scheduled works, the public can expect temporary changes to the entrance and exit of the QEH, temporary changes to the entrance of the Accident and Emergency and parking restrictions. AED Ushers will be deployed on the ground to better assist the public with the navigation of these changes. Additionally, all measures will be put in place to minimize any environmental issues that may arise during the scheduled works including the elevated noise levels, minor vibrations and dust.

On completion of this project, persons seeking emergency care in the newly renovated and expanded AED Facility will be provided with a safer, more comfortable, patient-friendly environment.

The board of management of the QEH apologizes for the inconvenience which will be caused during the execution of this project and thanks the public for their support and cooperation.

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