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QEH Transformation : Additional Temporary Access Changes from March 23rd

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) wishes to inform the public that effective March 23, 2020, there will be additional temporary access changes for motorists and pedestrians due to the transformation of the Accident and Emergency Department (AED).

MOTORISTS are asked to note the following changes:

The main gate from Martindales Road will now facilitate traffic in and out of the compound.

The exit gate onto Lower Martindales Road is now an entrance only for ambulances and private vehicles going to the AED.

Enhancement works have been carried out on the cart road between the QEH compound and its playing field to facilitate better traffic flow to parking areas.

PEDESTRIANS are asked to note the following changes:

The back entrance gate of the QEH from John Beckles Drive (closest to the Constitution River) will be closed to the public.

Persons using public service vehicles are encouraged to board and disembark these vehicles at the bus stops on upper John Beckles Drive next to the Hospital playing field and make their way along the cart road towards Martindales Road to enter the QEH.

The AED will be accessible through a covered walkway and a temporary doorway in the Ambulance Bay.

The Board of Management of the QEH apologises for the inconvenience and thanks the public for their patience and support.

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