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QEH Thanks ICBL For Its Support During COVID-19 Health Crisis

BARBADOS ADVOCATE, September 17, 2020 :

Sometimes the most impactful contributions come in the form of sharing resources. This was precisely the case with the agreement of ICBL to respond to the request of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) to loan them the resources of their internal nurse, Lisa Brathwaite-Graham, to provide much-needed leadership to the nurses at the hospital at the critical start of our COVID-19 fight.

Executive Chairman of the QEH, Juliette Bynoe-Sutherland, visited the ICBL headquarters yesterday to thank the Management personally for their quick decision to release Brathwaite- Graham, as well as extending the full support of the company’s internal resources to get the job done. These actions effectively contributed to the hospital’s ability to respond to an unprecedented health crisis, from which the hospital has emerged COVID free.

In addressing the Executive Leadership Team, the Executive Chairman said: “Lisa Brathwaite-Graham, was able to get the nurses rethinking their processes, building on what they already knew and inherently understood. There is a certain kind of congeniality that is built into nursing that nurses share, and as a nurse herself, she was able to connect. It was at that moment, at the time of our greatest crisis of fear and our confidence, that Lisa came along and inspired and motivated a pool of nurses.”

Bynoe-Sutherland further stated: “This is why I wanted to take the opportunity to publicly say thank you. We don’t have many stories like this, and this is a story of how the private and public sector can work together, with the right individuals to make a difference for Barbados.”

CEO of ICBL, Geoff Scott, in thanking the QEH Executive Chairman, said he was humbled that she would want to thank the company in this way. He continued: “You’ve discovered something about ICBL that many people do not know. We are a company of gems. We are a business of people. It is not about selling insurance or financial advice, it’s about the people we have in this company. I met Nurse Lisa, (as we call her) during my second week at ICBL, and she left quite an impression on me from the very beginning. She is not only a nurse who works with our customers; she is very interested in people as an educator and motivator. The way she stepped up to work with the hospital, with so many unknowns, is a testament to her character. She takes on these roles because she is selfless, and my agreement to her secondment to the hospital was one of the easiest decisions I have had to make as CEO.”

Scott also remarked that he viewed this experience as the start of a meaningful relationship with the QEH, in which the two entities could further collaborate, and he looked forward to bringing the two leadership teams together for such discussions.

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