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QEH responds to unfortunate social media post

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital has recently been made aware of a complaint posted on TikTok by one of our staff members during Hurricane Beryl. It is important to note, this complaint was not made to the management team on site, which included the Chief Executive Officer, before being shared on social media. We would like to address this matter, provide some context for the situation and to dismiss the misleading posts, which suggested that doctors received different meals from nurses.

First and foremost, we acknowledge and commend the dedication, resilience and hard work of our entire hospital staff during the recent hurricane. The team at Queen Elizabeth Hospital has been working tirelessly to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of our patients and each other under exceptionally challenging conditions.

Our kitchen staff have shown remarkable commitment. It is important to understand that the kitchen is near the end of a refurbishment and the meals are being prepared at Harrison’s Point. During the passage of the hurricane, this was not possible and so a temporary solution was found at short notice. Throughout the hurricane, they managed to provide breakfast and lunch for roughly 300 patients and over 450 staff.

The individual’s complaint raised on TikTok regarding food portions is disappointing, misleading, and regrettable. It does not reflect the efforts of our team to maintain services during the storm. Another member of staff raised a similar issue with the Chief Executive Officer, who immediately visited the kitchen. It was clear that for some staff, the full breakfast had not been collected, and the kitchen team was very supportive in addressing the situation.

Our Chief Executive Officer is committed to fostering a culture of open communication, collaboration, and mutual respect. It is important for all concerns to be communicated through the appropriate channels, so they can be addressed promptly and effectively. We work as a team, and every staff member’s voice is valued. This recent incident highlights the need for continued efforts to build a supportive and cohesive environment where issues can be addressed constructively.

We encourage all staff to bring any issues or concerns directly to their managers or the hospital administration. Open and honest communication is essential for us to continuously improve and provide the best service possible.

We remain committed to the well-being of our staff and patients, and we will continue to work diligently to address any challenges that arise. The spirit of teamwork and cooperation demonstrated during Hurricane Beryl is a testament to the strength and unity of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital family.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

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