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QEH Launches Beautification Project Ahead of Republic Day Celebrations

On November 14, 2021, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the island’s premier public healthcare institution and a staple in the healthcare community celebrated 57 years of service to the people of Barbados. As a symbolic and fitting gesture to commemorate this milestone, coupled with island wide preparations to celebrate Barbados’ 55th year of independence and the country’s transition to a republic, a beautification project has been launched to enhance the physical appearance of the institution. This project commenced on Friday 12th November, 2021, and is scheduled for completion by 28th November, 2021, two days ahead of the country’s official transition to a republic state.

Explaining that the hospital’s exterior had been in dire need of an upgrade, Director of Engineering Services at the QEH, Paula Agbowu noted that, “It has been approximately 20 years since the hospital has been painted.” These sentiments were reiterated by Executive Chairman of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Juliette Bynoe-Sutherland, who revealed that in its current state, the exterior of the QEH did not reflect the hard work undertaken every day to preserve the lives of patients. Bynoe-Sutherland added that, “It is our [the staff at QEH] contribution to the ongoing celebrations, and for us, we wish our exterior to reflect the excellence that we aspire to, and often achieve, in the interior.”

Agbowu stated that she believed the beautification of the hospital was emblematic of Barbados’ transition to a republic. She described the plans to boost the hospital’s appearance as a collaborative effort between the Engineering, Administration and Housekeeping staff, in addition to outside contractors and government agencies such as the National Conservation Commission (NCC). Agbowu also noted that the beautification project would include internal and external painting, landscaping, a general cleanup of the hospital and its surrounding areas, as well as power washing of walls and sidewalks, and the remarking of the institutions roadways.

Sharing that the colour scheme of the hospital would be a natural cream colour, with accents of grey, aquamarine, blue and yellow, Mrs. Bynoe-Sutherland stated that “the colours were chosen by an architect to reflect our vision for a modern hospital that is not only vibrant and welcoming in our service delivery, but also warm, measured and professional in our attitude and disposition.”

The Executive Chairman explained that as Barbados transitions to a republic on November 30th, the exterior of the hospital would be one of the first visible changes to symbolize this momentous occasion. She expressed hope that the hospital’s efforts to beautify its surroundings would “re-instill a sense of pride among staff, and that our efforts at improving the patient experience will also be more apparent.” While noting that the hospital represented “an iconic structure and service within the context of Barbados,” Bynoe-Sutherland stated that there were no plans to change the hospital’s name at present, as there was a need to be “measured in the pace at which we bring change.”

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