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(L-R) Dr Daniella Estwick, Dr Elsa-Ruth Arthur, Dr Mohmmed Sallu (Intern of the Year recipient), Dr Kimberley Banfield and Dr Tyra Waithe

For the programme year 2018 to 2019, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Professional Internship Programme has produced five Outstanding Intern recipients and drawn from the outstanding intern awardees, one Intern of  the Year. The four Outstanding Interns for the 2018-2019 medical internship programme are Dr Elsa-Ruth Arthur, Dr Kimberley Banfield, Dr Daniella Estwick and Dr Tyra Waithe. The intern however, who distinguished himself from the other Outstanding Intern recipients to claim
the Intern of the Year award is Dr Mohmmed Sallu.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) is very proud to recognize the outstanding achievements of these young doctors and especially wishes to congratulate Dr Mohmmed Sallu, our “Intern of the Year”. Dr Sallu combines dependability and gentleness with humour and a caring disposition as he discharges his duties. These attributes coupled with the development of his clinical skills, and stellar work ethic catapulted Dr Sallu to claim the coveted Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Intern of the Year, 2018-2019 award.

About the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Professional Internship Programme

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) provides a one year professional internship programme for newly graduated medical doctors. This one year internship programme is comprised of three month rotations in each of the following clinical departments, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Surgery. In these departments, interns work
under the supervision of a consultant, and in conjunction with other junior doctors, as frontline medical care givers to practice their clinical skills and develop the professional characteristics of a good physician.

Throughout the internship programme, interns are continuously assessed on their clinical skills. On completion of the one year professional internship programme, these assessments form a part of the criteria utilized to determine the recipients of the “Outstanding Interns,” and the “Intern of the Year” awards.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital has a long history as a teaching institution where many of Barbados’ most distinguished physicians and surgeons began their medical careers. While proud of its history, the QEH acknowledges the hard work and invaluable contribution of its intern corps and remains committed to the development of today’s interns into the
outstanding doctors of tomorrow.

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