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In our continuing efforts to keep the public informed on matters related to COVID-19 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, we wish to advise the general public that within the past week, the Hospital’s Infection Prevention and Control Department has identified 13 cases of COVID-19 infection amongst in-patients on Wards B5, C5, and C6. These patients were immediately isolated and subsequently transported to the Harrison Point Isolation Centre for continued care.

Following the identification of COVID positive patients on the aforementioned wards, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital has taken a strategic decision to temporarily close these wards to visitors to allow for routine quarantining and testing of other patients recuperating in these areas. Similarly, to further protect staff and patients, the QEH continues to follow all protocols with regard to the phased mass COVID-19 PCR testing of the employees assigned to these areas. Additionally, as is customary in these cases, the sanitization of these patient care areas is also being conducted.

Mrs. Juliette Bynoe- Sutherland, Executive Chairman of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital assured the public that “we are putting all the necessary measures in place to address the issue at hand, including utilizing the expertise of Dr. Corey Forde who is leading our efforts.” Bynoe-Sutherland indicated that “the cooperation of staff, patients and the public are integral as the hospital seeks to implement the necessary infection prevention and control measures to arrest the spread.”

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