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The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is an Exempt Charity under the Income Tax (Amendment) Act, 2010-11 Section 24B which means that every dollar donated towards this cause is 100% deductible for tax purposes. We therefore encourage all our stakeholders to take advantage of the benefits of tax exemptions under this initiative.

Recent Philanthropic Donations

Adopt A Ward Project

In an environment where the public is demanding more accountability on how their tax dollars are spent on health care, providing the right surroundings while patients convalesce is important. As the QEH seeks to improve the level of service to our patients and become more patient-centred, it has become necessary to upgrade our wards to accommodate the changes in our services and reflect a change in our service delivery. Therefore, the Hospital is seeking partners to assist with the refurbishment of the following wards: C3, C2, B2, B6, A2, A5 and A6.

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