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  • No Smoking on or around the hospital compound.
  • No loud, violent or rude behaviour.
  • No loud music.
  • No electrical gadgets unless with agreement from the Engineering Department.
  • No illegal drugs or alcohol.
  • Medical advice to be sought before bringing in food from outside.
  • Visitors are to request permission from the nurse before proceeding to your bed.
  • Special permissions are to be given for visitors outside of the specified hours and for children under 12 years old.
  • For a temporary leave of absence, you must obtain permission from your physician.
  • All self-discharges must be signed for.
  • Patients are discouraged from bringing valuables and money to the hospital.
  • Your full and honest medical history should be disclosed to medical staff.
  • A consent to surgery/procedure form should be completed prior to surgery.
  • You are to ensure that you understand all planned medical tests and procedures.
  • You are required to follow any prescribed medication and to consult your nurse should you have any queries.
  • Any personal medication should be surrendered to the nurse upon arrival.
  • Please respect all hospital personnel. Hospital personnel can be easily identified by their badges and/or uniforms.
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