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Nine new interns join the QEH
FRONT L-R Dr. Naomi Adams, Dr. Maia Drakes, Dr. Chaynie Williams (Director of Medical Services, ag.), Dr. Bridget Thomas-Christie, Dr. Natalia Trotman; BACK L-R Dr. Anthonya Branford, Dr. Kelenna Browne, Dr. Nicholas Liverpool, Dr. Liam Pounder, Dr. Ramona Sawh.

On Wednesday March 1st 2023, the Director of Medical Services (ag) of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Dr. Chaynie Williams warmly welcomed nine doctors as they commenced their one-year internship programme with the hospital, in partial fulfilment of the requirement to practise Medicine in Barbados. The doctors will work in the Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and Paediatrics Departments during the next 12 months. In her address Dr. Williams reminded the Interns to work hard in their respective departments every day. Before welcoming them into the hospital officially, she prompted the youthful Doctors to utilise the help and assistance that is always nearby citing that “there is always someone to call on to ask a question when needed”. The doctors were all smiles and appeared ready for the challenge as they proceeded to their assigned departments in the hospital. We welcome them to the profession and wish them a successful and rewarding period with us.

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