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Measures To Minimize Crowding In Out-Patient Clinics

As the country observes the 15 day “National Pause”, the Board of Management of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital wishes to inform the general public that to minimize crowding in our out-patient clinics some out-patient appointments may be postponed. In this event, out-patients whose appointments have been postponed will be contacted by a member of their treatment team or the Medical Records Department for the purpose of scheduling a new appointment date.

Out-patients who are not contacted are asked to present to their respective clinics as scheduled, and to arrive at the QEH no earlier than 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment time. Be reminded that only out-patients who are:

  1. Minors i.e. children under the age of 18
  2. Elderly, who are at high risk of falling
  3. Persons who are visually impaired
  4. Those who require assistance with regular day to day activities such as going to the bathroom or who may be disoriented

should be accompanied by a single caregiver or companion.

Out-patients who are out of medication refills prior to their next appointment date will be issued with a new prescription and contacted when it is available for collection from the Pharmacy Department. However, it is strongly recommended that patients take advantage of the Medication Delivery Service to have prescribed medications delivered directly to their homes. Deliveries will be facilitated for a nominal fee of Bds $10 or $16 depending on the size of the package. Orders for medication delivery can be placed by calling 536-4804 Monday to Friday, between (11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.), or preferably online at www.qehconnect/pharmacy. Further assistance can be obtained by contacting the QEH Help Desk at 536-4800.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Board of Management thanks you for your usual support and cooperation, and reminds all persons visiting the QEH that all COVID-19 protocols remain in full effect.

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