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Letters To QEH : Surprise, Miracle Son

July 21 2022

Mrs. Juliette Bynoe-Sutherland
Executive Chairman
Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Dear Mrs. Bynoe-Sutherland,

I write this letter to you with heart-filled gratitude that I wish to express to you for the care and rapt attention that was provided to my newborn son and myself last Thursday, July 14 2022 by your QEH team; an unforgettable series of events.

Thursday July 14 2022 I was rushed by my brother to the Sandy Crest Medical Facility as I was receiving sharp pains in the lower right abdomen which made me severely unwell. I experienced pain before in this same region due to what was termed to be degenerative fibroids however this type of pain felt more intense than the fibroids alone. Upon the nurse’s request during my assessment I went to the washroom to try to provide a urine sample. This was where a complete life-changing experience occurred resulting in the birthing of my son in the bathroom at that facility. I screamed frantically for the nurse as I was completely unaware I was pregnant.

They made a call for an ambulance and I must commend paramedic Shaka Jordan and his partner who responded to the call to take me to the QEH. These gentlemen took care of me from the time they arrived at Sandy Crest and understood all that occurred. I was rushed over to the QEH and they did not leave my side given the traumatic experience.

Paramedic Shaka ensured baby and I were taken immediately into the Paediatric section in A&E for full assessment safely and swiftly then he and the doctor ensured I was taken up to Delivery as I needed to have the placenta removed and receive other urgent care.

Midwife, doctor and trainee doctors along with Nurse Moaze took over in Delivery and they continued the effective care. I cannot recall all of the names as the entire ordeal on Thursday evening was too much to process all at once. They however ensured I received something to eat, they ensured I was comfortable, spoke me through the processes that had to be done, assessed the fibroids and more. I truly can say that I was overwhelmed when I really understood the dire predicament which occurred and what actually could have occurred but thankfully did not as the baby was undetected by the ultrasound conducted by the Private Ob/Gyn late last year and I had no signs or symptoms of being pregnant.

I want to also thank the nurses on the shifts between Friday morning when I was first admitted to Ward B3 and discharged on Saturday evening who continued to advise me on what to do as a new mother, the doctors who came to see me whilst I was on the ward and the doctors on NICU who took my newborn son under their watchful care to ensure he was feeding correctly and also wanted to assess and test him before he could be released into my care.

There are no words that can truly describe the amount of gratitude my heart holds for your team members. Everytime my mind casts back on the entire situation tears flow down my face. They are truly a phenomenal set of persons and I am extremely happy that I encountered such lovely people.

I will continue to praise your team members and speak of all the good they did for me and for my surprise, miracle son whose name is Liam Aaron Roach. Thank you for saving us. Keep up the incredible work!!!!!!

Warm Regards,
Leah Michele Roach

Released with permission from the author.

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