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Changes To The QEH Medication Delivery Service

There will be a number of changes to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s medication delivery service for its out-patient clientele effective Tuesday, December 1, 2020. Chief among these modifications :

  • The Barbados Postal Service will join Hopscotch to facilitate the delivery of medication;
  • A small delivery fee of Bds $10 or $16 based on the size of the tamper proof packaging necessary to safely transport the medication requested will be instituted. The revenue generated from this delivery fee will go towards the maintenance and future sustainability of the service.

To process orders for the paid medication delivery service, patients must provide their name, Barbados National Registration Number, hospital registration number, preferred delivery address, two current contact numbers, the name of the preferred delivery service provider i.e. the Barbados Postal Service or Hopscotch, as well as the name of each medication. Upon receipt of medication delivery requests, Pharmacy personnel will determine the size of the tamper proof envelope required to deliver the medication.

Payment Of Delivery Fee

Patients who have selected the Barbados Postal Service as their preferred medication delivery provider will then be informed of the cost for the delivery and be provided with a reference number to facilitate the payment of the delivery fee at a post office of their choice. Prescriptions will be processed, packaged and labeled to facilitate delivery within five days of receipt of the order and on confirmation of payment of the delivery fee.

In contrast, those who have selected Hopscotch as their preferred medication delivery provider will also be informed of the cost for the delivery, but will be required to pay cash on delivery.

Delivery Of Medication

On receipt of delivery by either provider, patients must present their Barbados National Identification Card for verification as well as sign their name upon receipt of the package. Those who may experience difficulty signing their name will be allowed to place an X in the appropriate space. Third parties may accept the delivery on behalf of the patient on presentation of the patient’s Barbados National Identification Card and sign their own name on the patient’s behalf.

Ensuring safe delivery of your medication

Following the delivery of medication, patients are advised to thoroughly examine the tamper proof envelope to ensure it is intact. In the event that the envelope is not sealed, please do not accept delivery of the package. Patients must also verify that they have received the correct medication and should not take any unfamiliar medication or dosages. Any concerns are to be immediately reported to the Pharmacy Department at 536-4804 or by completing the feedback form available on the QEH website at Concerns will be resolved within two business days. Patients with queries regarding their medications are also advised to contact the Pharmacy Department and speak with a pharmacist who will provide the necessary counseling on the use of the medication. Additionally, if you are expecting a delivery of medication and it is not supplied in the timeframe given, please call the Pharmacy Department at 536-4804. Any patients experiencing delays in reaching the Pharmacy Department at the number provided may call the QEH Help Desk at 536-4800 for additional support.

If we are unable to deliver your medication

In the event of an unsuccessful medication delivery, a second delivery attempt will be made on the next consecutive working day. After two unsuccessful delivery attempts, the delivery fee will be automatically forfeited and the undelivered packages will be returned to the QEH Pharmacy for collection.

Patients are reminded that in addition to calling the Pharmacy Medication Delivery Hotline at 536-4804 between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to place their orders, patients now have the added flexibility of ordering repeat medications at any time during the day or night by filling out the online Medication Delivery Request Form available on the QEH website at Out-patients are also reminded that medication delivery requests, received either by telephone or electronically, must be submitted at least three to five business days prior to the start date of the repeat medication.


The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Board of Management thanks the public for its continued patience and cooperation, as we continue to strive towards ‘Getting Better Together’.

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