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Carnival Group Makes Donation To QEH

Article by Barbados Today:

The Miami-based carnival group Bajan Fuh Eva has begun the process of giving around US$100 000 in medical supplies to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH).

During a brief handover ceremony at the healthcare facility on Monday, Roslyn Sealy, president of Bajan Fuh Eva, told media personnel that aside from Carnival-related activities, the organisation has placed a strong emphasis on giving back to the island since its inception in 2010.
“The organisation’s other objectives include representing Barbados in a positive way and encouraging and engaging the youth in community projects. This year, we are excited to make a donation to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados that consists of admission kits, hospital gowns and socks.

“This donation is the beginning of an extension partnership with the hospital,” she said.

Consul General in Miami Rudy Grant commended Sealy for her group’s generosity and said it was critical for the nation to capitalise on its deep relationships with the diaspora.

“We have to leverage the resources to Barbados where they exist; whether they exist amongst Barbadians or those who are Babadians in their heart. This is the right direction in which we are going. We know of the importance of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in terms of our overall healthcare, and there are many Barbadians who want to give back, and who want to support what we are doing here. The consulate is very happy to participate in these kinds of sessions,” he said.

QEH Chief Operations Officer Dr Christine Greenidge also thanked Sealy for the donation, the first of many planned for the next year.
Dr Greenidge pointed out that collaborations between the island and other Barbadian communities throughout the world are crucial to helping the nation in a number of important areas.

“As part of our philanthropy objectives, we want to partner more with our CGs [Consuls General] throughout the United States, as well as those in the UK, as well as in Canada. Coming from New York myself a year and a half ago to the QEH, I can attest that there are many associations, Barbadian-based, that are willing to partner and help out the QEH as well as other industries here in Barbados by giving back.
“So I know this team is a small example of what I know exists in our communities internationally, that can come and help us in terms of some of the things that we need,” the hospital COO said.


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