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Appeal for donations for QEH

Article by Barbados Today :

A fresh appeal has been made for corporate Barbados and members of the public to donate needed items to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) to help make patients’ stay more comfortable and the job of workers easier.

The appeal came from the Public Relations Officer of the Cancer Support Services (CSS) Antoine Williams on Thursday as the non-profit organisation handed over five fans, three walkers, and a dozen gowns to Ward C12.

The value of the total donation was estimated at $1 500, and QEH communications specialist Shane Sealy said the CSS has made almost $10 000 in donations to the Martindales Road, St Michael tertiary healthcare institution so far this year.

Williams said that while CSS has been a consistent donor to Ward C12, other wards and areas of the hospital are in need of donations of many kinds.

“It is necessary that entities within corporate Barbados and also organisations and individuals continue to offer support to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, continue to offer monetary and other resources to the hospital, particularly for the care of patients, whether it be Ward C12 or any other ward for that matter.

“As caretakers and caregivers, we find it necessary to ensure that patient-centred care is at the optimum at the hospital and that all Barbadians play their part in making the comfort of all as easy as possible,” Williams said.

He added: “For those of us who have any reason at all to visit Ward C12, we do recognise that items such as fans, especially in this type of temperature, walkers and gowns, are so readily needed, and that was an easy win for Cancer Support Services to continue its kind support. I should also note that while we pay some attention to the needs of the patients, we are equally concerned about the nurses.

“We recognise that the nurses are not comfortable; if their sense of well-being is not recognised in any form, then we cannot expect that their output and their vibe and response will be at a highly satisfactory rate, even though from a professional standpoint they are expected to do so, but we are all human, and we recognise that,” Williams said, adding that CSS’ visitation team continues to make its presence felt on Ward C12.

Nursing Officer on Ward C12 Lisa Dodson said that given the record-shattering heat Barbados has been experiencing recently, the donated fans will go a long way in helping to make patients and nurses comfortable.

“Recently, as you recognise, the fans were in high demand because I recognise that a lot of patients needed fans, and we didn’t have an adequate amount, and with the temperature, you felt bad that you couldn’t comfort them with something as simple as fans,” said Dodson, expressing gratitude to the Cancer Support Services for the donation.

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